Carlos Maldonado y Grupo Fuerte

Following in his family footsteps, Carlos began playing drums and touring at the age of 6 with his father's conjunto, Carlos Maldonado y Sus Aguilas. At the age of 12, Maldonado started singing and playing the bajo sexto full time with the group while his father played accordion. The Texas based group toured extensively throughout Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas and northern Mexico with bands like La Mafia, Los Chachos, Fito Olivares, Also with his god father Ramon Ayala and many more. Carlos made good use of his time on the road by learning to play the accordion, bass, and of course the bajo sexto which ended up his favorite instrument. He is easily rated as one of the great bajo sexto players in the industry. Carlos has been titled" The new King of the Bajo Sexto". It was his talent on the bajo sexto that landed him jobs with legendary bands like David Lee Garza y Los Musicales, Elsa Garcia and The Hometown Boys for brief periods. In the fall of 1996, Carlos decided to branch out on his own, while his father was considering retirement. He is now carrying on the family tradition with his own group, named Carlos Maldonado y Grupo Fuerte. Carlos has a smooth and polished voice due to years of experience in the business. You can hear his musical influences of Conjunto Bernal, Los Chachos, Los Dos Gilbertos, and David Lee Garza y Los Musicales and his god father Ramon Ayala in his music. The last project "Lagrimas de Amor" by Carlos Maldonado y Grupo Fuerte was released in December 2005 and was already nominated for album of the year. From the success of Grupo Fuerte's first CD entitled "Hello Baby Doll", the group received five award nominations. Also Carlos and his group have toured Colorado, California, Chicago, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Florida and Mexico with the popularity of his last project. The CD also was highlighted in Hispanic Magazine's music section. Carlos Maldonado Y Grupo Fuerte's new CD entitled "Mas Fuerte Que Nunca" is said to be some of his best work ever. The new project is to be released December 9, 2008 and has already received rave reviews.


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